RSS Express

version 0.5.1 beta
A three panes RSS and ATOM feeds aggregator with Bayesian categorization, n-grams and web-context network views, easy keyboard navigation and not a very busy screen.
  • Embeds Microsoft Internet Explorer browser where available, with Mozilla on the works and where neither of the 2 are present uses a wxHtmlWindow based browser.
  • Internationalization support.
  • Rich support for filtering feeds items from date/time ranges to boolean keywords statements to Bayesian categorization.
  • Quick and easy keyboard navigation
  • Feed items web context. Where feed item description is available it will present a tree of feed items that are all interconnected via links from one to another.
  • Feed item n-gram network view - a view of items that share some amount of n-grams (n-characters window)
  • Compact view. All feeds are viewed into the embedded browser where each feed item has two views, a description and a link view.
  • All feeds are downloaded and cached locally for offline browsing. The user may manualy delete the items whenever he wishes or chose to let the program delete them on a regular basis.
  • Fully customizable feed refresh intervals.
  • Flags feeds that are no longer available and automaticaly changes feed URL for feeds that are being redirected.
  • Allows the user to enter user/password for feeds that require authentication
  • Drag and drop subscription. Whenever you see an icon like XML or similar or a link you know points to a feed source, just drag it and then drop it into the tree pane to subscribe.
  • Rearrange the subscriptions tree using drag and drop
  • OPML Import. OPML Export of the entire subscriptions tree or just parts of it.
  • Backup/restore so data can be taken to another computer or to allow you to switch between different subscription trees
  • Blocks browser popup windows - not, well... it blocks
  • Find a feed in the subscriptions tree by searching for a keyword.
  • When opening links in an outside browser, it uses the computers's default browser.
    Everything is loaded in memory at startup
  • it consumes a lot of memory depending on number of subscriptions and actualy depending a lot on the number of feeds to be included in the n-grams cache.
  • probably does not scale well to a very big subsriptions tree. I regulary use it with around 150-200 feeds but I don't know about 1000 and more.
  • Sometimes may be slower to start up.
  • Subscriptions tree may not be altered during feeds refresh - this has more to do with the program data structures but de, that's it, that may change if I feel bored.
    filtering items searches the entire tree every time
  • Bayesian filter may be slow, deppending on the size of your tree
    I may try to fix this at some point if I see a bennefit (let me know)

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact me.

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